Coppermine Independent Living & Quarry Station

“Jocelyn was an instant hit at both of the senior  properties where she performed!  She has a soulful voice and dramatic flair that make for a fun evening of music and fellowship.  Highly recommended by this programs coordinator!”


Ann Farris

                 Activity Director

Meadow Glen Assisted Living

"Jocelyn is a very strong performer who understands the senior population and what "works."  One of her strongest attributes is her ability to play to the audience.  My residents are always asking when we can have Jocelyn back!"

  Melinda Russo,

  Activity Director

Monroe House

"Jocelyn has an incredible voice.  Her programs are organized and very interactive.  She encourages the residents to join in singing and gets them thinking with trivia questions about the singers and composers.  She is a true professional entertainer and the residents love her visits."


Terry Gover, ADC, 

Activity Director

Sanders Retirement Community

"Jocelyn Jackson is one of the best in the business.  You and your residents will enjoy her performance and will want her back over and over again.  She dazzles you with her showmanship.  Jocelyn has a beautiful voice and an outstanding manner.  My residents love her."


Helene Harvell, ADC,

Activity Coordinator

Sommerset Retirement Community

"Our Sommerset residents look forward to all Jocelyn's musical performances.  Her programs are a variety of themes and always incorporate audience participation.  She has been a welcomed entertainer at our community for years."

Nancy Canonico-Benegar

               Community Director 

Anonymous Testimonials

CPR/1st Aid

"The Instructor made the class so engaging.  Everyone participated without being bored."

"She was very kind & funny."

"Made class fun!!"


"Jocelyn did an exemplary job of teaching the MEPAP course content which more than prepared me for my current Activity Manager position."

"Jocelyn taught me over and above everything else I had learned in MEPAP and my practicum."

"Jocelyn has the experience as a director and an educator to make home study dynamic and worthwhile."

 "Having Jocelyn Jackson as a 

mentor has been a wonderful experience.  I am grateful that even when the class was over she still made herself available for Activities Professionals."